Is Johny Bootlegger gluten free?

Johny Bootlegger is fanatical about crafting the best possible product. Our process of proprietary filtration process makes the cleanest, best tasting malt base giving our products a natural spirit like finish. This multi-stage filtration process naturally removes gluten from the malt base. Even after this rigorous filtration process, there may contain some trace levels of gluten.

Is Johny Bootlegger Vegan?

Johny Bootlegger is a triple filtered beverage that creates the cleanest, best tasting malt base, giving our products a natural spirit like finish. All Johny Bootlegger products are considered vegan friendly.

Healthy and Safety Statement:

We encourage anyone to contact your physician before consuming any alcohol if there is any question in regards to heath or safety.

What kind of alcohol is Johny Bootlegger?

Johny Bootlegger is crafted from a proprietary fermented malt base like traditional beer, but with an extra kick! We spend a lot of time perfecting the taste profile so our products taste like an actual spirit based cocktail.

Where can I buy your products?

Click here for our store locator. Just type in your zip code and the closest retailer will come up. If you have any issues finding a local store, please contact us at johnybootlegger@gelosobev.com

Can you ship Johny Bootlegger directly to me?

Unfortunately based on state and federal legalities we can’t ship directly to our consumers. We hope the laws change soon, but after 100 years, we won’t hold our breath. The good news is we have our sales people on the street every day selling our products to areas near you.