Take your best shot

Fox Hole Fruit Punch

When you're on the run like Johny, you could use a foxhole friend. This tropical punch shoots flavors of cherry, orange, and berry at your tastebuds. So next time you find yourself taking cover in a foxhole, be sure to grab some punch to keep you company.

Moonshine Mango

Step away from the shadows and join Johny on the bright side... or should we say the "shine" side. This mouthwatering Mango beverage takes you out of your world and into Johny's, of one mingling with the mellow dames of every club in town.

Ice Lemonade

The taste is a jailbreak ... it’s busting out! It’s like biting into a tart lemon... but sweeter. It is a favorite of many because of its refreshing lemony taste. Bust out some Hard Squeezed Ice Lemonade the next time you’re kickin’ back.

Alcatraz Sour Apple

The taste is a jailbreak…it’s busting out! It’s like biting into a slightly under ripe apple…but sweeter. It is a favorite of many because of its refreshing bite and delicious appley taste. Bust out some Alcatraz Sour Apple the next time you’re kickin’ back.

Juice Joint Watermelon

Imagine the most refreshing fruit on the planet perfected with a spell of Johny. Our newest flavor redefines chemistry! Ok, stop imagining. Juice Joint Watermelon is served.

Sing Sing Sour Grape

No maximum security for this one… Sing Sing Sour Grape is out there. It’s a sweet and sour crush in your mouth…and super grapey. Not the purple stuff you drank when you were a kid, but twice as tasty. What’s on the grapevine is true…try it yourself!

Shady Shades Strawberry

There is nothing shady here.. strawberry is America’s favorite flavor. The sweet and refreshing flavor will dazzle the tastebuds and ensure to please the most discerning taste.

Syndicate City Sour Peach

The nectar of a juicy peach, without the pit! Syndicate City Sour Peach is an assault of the taste buds! All that’s missing is the fuzz, which frankly, I could do without. Save yourself a trip to the grove, and chill with the peachy goodness of this delightful flavor.

Prison Break Black Cherry

Life is a bowl of cherries, they say, and these cherries have no pits! Just in time for a new season, Johny Bootlegger Prison Break Black Cherry is breaking out. Black cherry is a flavor in demand, and ours is sweetly genuine, with a punchy finish. So skip the pits and introduce your tastebuds to a member of Johny’s crew.

Scarface Sour Raspberry

A handful of raspberries minus the seeds…all sweet and slightly sour. That’s what’s going on with every swig of Scarface Sour Raspberry! The zing and the zest of a tasty little berry…try this tasty goodness on your buds… your tastebuds!