Johny Bootlegger


About the Makers of Johny Bootlegger

Geloso Beverage Group LLC is located in Rochester New York. The vision for the group evolved from our parent company in Montreal Quebec, Canada where we are an innovation company specializing in creating new age alcoholic beverages. Johny Bootlegger was launched in 2006 and has enjoyed great success in 18 states that are in present distribution. In addition to Johnny Bootlegger, we currently market DJ Trotters (a 9% ready-to-drink malt beverage), Clubtails (a 10% ready-to-drink “cocktail in a can”), and Pepito Sangria. In our wine division, we feature wines from Argentina, France, Italy, Chile, and Australia. In fact, in 1965, Vins Geloso Inc. was granted the very first wine manufacturer permit (#001) ever issued by the then Quebec Liquor Corporation.

Geloso Beverage Group continues to develop its portfolio in the US by marketing unique packaging, and great taste profiles at competitive retails. Our current distributor network is made up of some of the biggest and best in each individual market and is constantly growing with plans to be in national distribution in the next two to three years.

Taking advantage of the ability to tap into our parent company’s four alcohol permits (beer, wine, spirit, and cider), we believe we have positioned ourselves to be a growing importer of fine alcoholic beverages for years to come.