Johny Bootlegger

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The Legend of Johny Bootlegger

Johny Bootlegger is inspired by the colorful and romantic era of the 1920s, which is characterized by snappy dressers and good times. However, with the 18th amendment going into effect, it was considered the only amendment to restrict American freedoms rather than expand them. Prohibition was aimed to change how people celebrated and to eliminate crime. The true effect was quite the opposite, and so began the practice of bootlegging.

Many creative cocktails were invented in speakeasies, the place where thirsty folks went to enjoy a bootleg beverage during the Prohibition era. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected in 1933 on the promise to repeal Prohibition, but even after it was repealed, the spirit of getting the people what they want lives on through Johny Bootlegger!

Johny Bootlegger is available where beer is sold, and it’s a great choice when a very tasty, spirited beverage is desired! At 12% alcohol by volume, there are six great flavors to choose from… and with that, the legend of Johny Bootlegger continues.

Remember…moderation is the best action.

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Bill F. McCormik

I like to share my Bootlegger with my friends around a nice BBQ. During a nice summer evening with a little bit of country music, my guest and I have a blast tasting the different flavours.


I love green apple bootlegger anytime of the day!

Marty Prouse

My first experience with Johnny bootlegger was going to Quebec with some friends to party it up but we needed some quick and delicious beverages  to get us going.  We found Johnny bootlegger and I ended up buying over 20 bottles of it. We spent the weekend have a good time with Johnny Bootlegger and partying it up.

Matt Wall

I choose the Apple Shot as my beverage of choice. I love the fact that you can throw down one and that edge of all the stress and drama of the week is suppressed. Makes me get lost for a bit. Love it!

Scotty W. Fortune

Me and my buds love enjoying Bootleggers when we’re ready to loosen up and jam on the weekends. What separates us and the pro musicians is talent, but the only thing standing between us and a good time is some Johny Bootlegger.

Brendan Speer

Johnny bootlegger is the best thing that has ever came to this pathetic world we live in. Who ever made this extraordinary beverage should get a reward for being amazing. He/she is a hero in my book and tell them that I would love to sponsor their magnificent franchise. If anyone is right for this job its me. Johnny bootlegger has changed my life